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Monthly Archives: July 2006

The Parrots of Quetzaltenango

XELA—Spanish classes began, here in Guatemala’s second largest city, at the uncivilized hour of 8 in the morning. After a fitful night in a bed that sloped precipitously to the middle we woke un-rested and lay for a while contemplating leaving the El Puente Guesthouse that had been our pleasant (other than the bed) home […]

In Guatemala

4 May 2006 XELA—I think of Guatemala as a place where the curtain between the worlds is a thin one and reality of an uncertain and changeable nature. I think of the clouds that shift over the volcanoes and the sheen of gold and of silver playing simultaneously over the land. I see the clouds […]

Rainy Season

2 May 2006 ANTIGUA—In the market Katy bought an oil painting of the style and perspective peculiar to Guatemala and particular to Lake Atitlan wherein the figures, in market scenes and agricultural tableaus are portrayed from directly overhead as if the artist was hovering and sketching from perhaps 20 feet in the air. I had […]

La Ceiba Nocturne

24 April 2006 LA CEIBA – On the wall facing the bed is a sign that reads, in Spanish, “Esteemed Client, demonstrate your culture and don’t write on the walls.” The night is hot and loud with music and car horns and I stood outside the gate in front of Hotel Tropical after a solitary […]


REQUIEM FOR WALKER The gates to the old cemeteryWere padlocked shut,With a rusted chainSo I found a corner, in the shade,Where the wall was low,And went over the top. The ground was uneven, pocked with holes,Covered with thorny vines hackedRoughly back.The tombs are crumbling stone and,Near the middle,Is a slab contained by aWhite iron fence. […]

Trujillo Blues

20 April 2006 TRUJILLO—The sun is a big orange ball the same color as the face of my Doxa dive watch. The Caribbean Bay of Trujillo turns the color of a finely blued gun barrel except where the sun burns a path of reflected orange across it. Dark skinned boys and girls play in the […]