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Monthly Archives: November 2006

One Morning

SAN FRANCISCO ALTO – We got off the bus where the hill continued steeply up through buildings covered and cloaked in the stalls and wares of market day. Instead of starting right up into the brightly colored melee of commerce we walked a ways down the highway and our teachers, Paty and Shirley from Escuela […]

The Hideous Dangers of Hygeine or: Let me Count the Ways My Shower can Kill me

XELA—The Middle Ages were dirty. Really, really dirty. And although we are used to cinematic depictions of mud-spattered peasantry, the knights and ladies, kings, queens and assorted princesses are invariably shown as sparklingly washed, elegantly coiffed and rather snazzily dressed. The truth is somewhat different. Snazzily dressed or not, it was generally considered unhygienic to […]