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Monthly Archives: November 2007

A Tale of Cameras and Kings

STOCKHOLM–We left the Royal Armory and its blood-stained clothes of long dead kings and wandered through the streets of old Stockholm. Rounding a corner we found ourselves at the Nobel Museum, edifice to prizes of peace and trinitrotoluene. In the window was advertised a show of the photos of Robert Capa. We went in and […]

They’re Coming to Take Me Away

It is a dark wintery night in Northern Europe. The streetlights cast pools of dim, yellow light on the cobbled streets, windows are boarded and taped against the increasingly common Allied air-raids and most know, though cannot speak the fact, that the War is lost. From the tinny speakers of my hidden radio I know […]

12 Minutes To Malmo Redux

LUND TO MALMO — I stand at the station amidst the smells of tobacco smoke, heavy iron and foreign soil wet with foreign rain. My train hisses to a stop and I scan the faces around me as we push forward into the car. I sit across from some stranger. The doors close and the […]

Swedish Sex

In the interest of disapointing the world at large and taking potshots at dearly held beliefs I am going to state that the Swedes seem a bit uptight sexually. It is hard to put one’s finger on, so to speak. They are, certainly, very open in many ways and seem to attach little or no […]