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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Things I Like About Sweden

Now I know I have written a lot of negative stuff but winter is never my best time and winter is particularly dark up here but Sweden isn’t all bad, not even half bad, not by a long shot. So here, written down on a sunny day, drinking a “Three Hearts” beer on a park […]

A New Blog

LUND– I started a second blog yesterday, “Angry Monkey Films”. I plan to use this forum to write short updates on the editing of films-in-progress as well as anything in production. I also plan to use it to, when I have the urge, muse even geekily upon photography, film, editing and the various equipment that […]

Skrivbord (Desk)

A few months ago I bought a desk with all the usual, hollow promises to self to keep it neat and tidy. Back in college I had a roommate who swore I had a rare genetic disorder, Tonn’s Syndrome, wherein every time I entered a room papers, photos and other things would shoot from my […]

Weather Report II

LUND–I was going to write that of late every day has been the opposite of the other. There will be blue skies and sun, sometimes cold and clear and other times very nearly warm. The next day, then, will be grey and rainy. But yesterday was sunny, so warm that a vest under my jacket […]

The Children of the Mangroves Slideshow

I am working on a documentary film for the S.A.R.A. (Sharing America’s Resources Abroad) Project. This slideshow, made in IMovie, is both a preliminary exploration of the material and structure of the film as well as a stand-by-itself piece.