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Monthly Archives: May 2008


LUND–“How do you feel about going back to the States, Matt?” “The time for reflection has passed, frankly. Now I am just going.” And that is the truth. Whatever form a trip may have, a return to the familiar or an adventure into the unknown, all the fantasy and anxiety takes place in the weeks […]

Night and Day

LUND–It is 12:44 a.m. and the sky outside is a deep azure blue. It is dark out but there is light in the sky. It is night but that qualification, up here, is no longer, for this time of year, exact. I have, as compared to times past, been mostly to bed rather early–by midnight […]

New Adventures

LUND–I will be in Ukraine in a few weeks. My information on the project is still a little hazy but I have the following, sent from the SARA group: “We will be “headquartered” in Nagydobryn (Velekidobryn), will certainly go to Mukachevo (Munkacs) and probably Uzhgorad (Ungvar) plus a miriad of small villages”. It is strange […]

May Day

LUND–Valborg is on the last day of April which, of course, makes it the day before the first day of May. May Day, International Workers Day, the day big tanks and braces of rockets used to thunder in endless hordes through Red Square in Moscow to show the might of the Soviets to the world […]


LUND–As I walked towards the city park I felt as if I had been caught in some human-sucking gravity well that acted with particular force on people carrying ice-chests, cases of drinks and grilling paraphanalia. The park is partially bounded by a high, grassy berm that is the remains of the city’s defensive medieval earthworks. […]

Springtime in Skåne

LUND–I was standing on the back balcony, looking over the apartment’s back yard, letting the sun bathe my face. A door opened from the basement door below and a woman walked out pulling a large cat on a leash. The feline didn’t seem particularly upset, merely disinterested. It would walk up a couple steps, stop, […]

Budapest 2 (excerpt from my journal)

BUDAPEST–As we walked back to the Hotel Victor Hugo the wind began to pick up, blowing over the flat plains of Pest. Dark clouds scudded across the sky, turning the golden light to a shade of oxidized lead. We rested a few hours in room 610 and lightening flashed, illuminating the darkened room in bursts […]

We’ll Meet You In Budapest in the Lobby of the Hotel Victor Hugo…

BUDAPEST—The weather was variable in southern Sweden and Lena began throwing up not long after we awoke. The night before I had gotten information that Hungary would be under a general transit strike the day we arrived. When we bought our tickets we had also paid for a ride into the city but if that […]