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LUND–This was my last day in class. My teacher sent me home early because, well, I fell asleep in front of my computer and she knew it was my last day. It was done with no malice. In fact she was quite solicitous about the state my my stress level. She sent me home for my own good. I tried to take all my checked-out books and CDs back to the library but it was closed. Then I went to Burger King and bought two 10 crown hamburgers. Then I sat on the Patio of the Olde Bull and drank comparatively cheap Fosters and wrote a very long and complicated essay on my time in Swedish class that I very much would like to write down again on this computer bloggy thing. But not now. And then I called Jake and he was in a meeting and then called Pat and he was about to leave on his motorcycle and then I called Rob and his phone was about to die and he was at work anyway because it is six hours earlier and Lena was at a newspaper work party. But then I called Jake back and we planned a trip to the best restaurants of Paris and talked of every other thing. I called him back at Seattle’s, where we met and which, they say, is going to close. He put me on the phone with the people who are always there and were. They said hello. We spoke of Swedish film and of Indiana Jones and of the things we are going to try our damn best to do. And SKYP kept cutting out and we were about done anyway. So I sat and wrote a while and then Lena called and was on the bus home from Malmo and so I stopped writing, picked up my camera and went out the door to the station to meet her.