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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Map of the Area

LUND–These are two pictures of a map of the general area I was in in Transcarpathia. They were on the wall of a classroom in a school we were touring. The closer up of the two has also been added by Jesse, along with two photos, as another image on my website’s homepage. Go there […]

The Faces of Transcarpathia: First Slide Show Movie

LUND–I have been working on the photos. This is the first usage of the photos and sound. All of these photos are (pretty poor) commercial scans of photos taken with a Leica M6ttl and a 50mm Summicron lens. The sound I recorded with my Røde NTG2 shotgun mike on the Panasonic DVC60 at an elder’s […]

We Arrive At an Orphanage Late at Night

NAGYDOBRONY–It was late when we arrived at the orphanage run by Kotko where we would live for the next two weeks. The orphanage, which houses some 80 or so girls, is on a self-sustaining compound on the edge of the village of Nagydobrony. There is an extensive system of fields and greenhouses, a bee farm, […]

Over the Border

TRANSCARPATHIA/UKRAINE–We left Budapest and traveled East across the great plain of Hungary towards the Ukrainian border. We sped down the good highways, stopping for dinner in the late afternoon at a shelter for the sick and for the family’s of the ill who need a place to stay while their loved ones are being treated. […]

Onward to Ukraine

BUDAPEST— There was a bright yellow half-moon over Budapest when I landed a minute after midnight. I have had a lot of experience closing up my house and getting a ride to the airport and going away, hoping that perhaps I would meet the love of my life or at least a brief approximation of […]

Return From Transcarpathia

LUND—The last day came as it always does. That night there was an incredible storm over Transcarpathia. The power was knocked out almost immediately. Arpad and I stood on the porch while the rain blew in on us and the lightening came down so fast as the storm’s center approached that it was like some […]