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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Weather Report III

LUND–It is 0230. The sky is the color of new jeans in the dark. Clouds are moving fast across it, looking like bleach stains that reveal star points in the night. In a month and a half I will have been here a year. The last days it has rained and rained with only brief […]

Storm Over Transcarpathia

These are two photos taken out the car window as Arpad drove towards home while a big electrical storm rolled towards us. Out there on the plains you can see the storms coming from miles away and they look very small while, at the same time, you know they are enormous. Across the flat Ukrainian […]

Observations and Notes from Transcarpathia

The following notes and observations are taken from e-mails sent to a number of friends of mine: the journalist, the historian, the poet and the anthropologist… you know who you are… I have been stuck in a tiny Hungarian village with no Internet (or indoor toilet) for a couple weeks. The most common house style […]


TRANSCARPATHIA, UKRAINE–In the morning we drove to Muncachevo with Dr. Yuri Demjan. He drove fast, handling the car well but impatiently as if he might intimidate it into going faster and the cars around it slower. Demjan is a big bear of a man, a Ukrainian orthopedic surgeon that SARA has brought to the US […]

The Death of the American Dream

Write an essay on this subject and I will publish it here… LUND–It is getting onwards towards late up here in Ultima Thule. That’s what the Romans called it, this place of ice-gnawing savages far, far out of the reach of the civilized world. Now the local Nazi wannabees like the term. I suppose it […]