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The Death of the American Dream

Write an essay on this subject and I will publish it here…

LUND–It is getting onwards towards late up here in Ultima Thule. That’s what the Romans called it, this place of ice-gnawing savages far, far out of the reach of the civilized world. Now the local Nazi wannabees like the term. I suppose it does sound cool and Conan. No darkies would dare live in a place called sumpin’ like that or whatever their twisted little brains might imagine. But I don’t care much about them Nazzees anyhoo. What we’re talking about tonight ladies and gentlemen and gentlefolk of all persuasions is THE AMERICAN DREAM. I have been reading the collection of Hunter Thompson’s letters and his never finished book of that title. The damn thing is that book is the summation of everything he wrote. It is the question. It is a life work and fitting that it was never summed up in a book simply titled that. The question is too big.

But it is a question worth asking. What is the American dream? As I see it it was the greatest experiment in freedom and democracy ever to take place and, in ways, resulted in the best and most free society ever to exist in the history of humankind. But somewhere along the way we have lost our way. I hesitate to write more as I have been too influenced as of late with Mr. Thompson’s inimitable style which is not my own and should never be imitated despite the temptation to do such.

I was debating this tonight with my Swede. Her idea, and I apologize if I misquote her, is that the American dream is the ability to, with ones gun and personal strength and fortitude, defend one’s family and personal belongings, to kill whoever it is that might take those away, be it Indians, Cattle Barons, Evil Railroad men or garden variety thugs, perverts and serial killers. And then to be LEFT ALONE. If one wants to also protect and or help one’s neighbors then that is fine and good but one is under no such obligation. And that, pretty much is the American dream… According to a Swede. And I can’t all in all disagree but I don’t think that is all.

So what is the American dream? How was it killed? Was it? Or did it just die of neglect? I want your opinions.