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Monthly Archives: December 2008


LUND–My life here has become rather like a chronic medical condition: it’s not going away, I have to treat it with a mixed therapy of exercise, proper diet and medicine and still I have my good days and my bad days. I’d been having some bad days lately: a mix of the dark winter, missing […]

Three Moments

#2: We went to IKEA to buy a new chair. It was named Franklin. When we came out it was dark and ABBA was playing on the radio. #3: I walked to pick the car up from the shop. Then I drove the Volvo home in the dark Swedish winter afternoon.

The Earth Moved

LUND–The bed was shaking, the shelves were rattling, somewhere, no doubt, people were screaming. At approximately 6:20 this morning an earthquake of around 4.7 on the Richter scale hit SkÃ¥ne. We both woke up and lay for a moment feeling the strangeness of the entire world around us move, the sounds of grinding and rattling […]

And Now For Something Completely Different!

How many distinctly Swedish things can you spot in this photo!? LUND–Now if Sweden is famous–and rightly so–for anything of importance, it must be meatballs. Sure, they have some award thing every year and they stand as a beacon for social justice and an equitable society or something like that and make good, boxy cars […]

Nazis Schmazis

Lund–Officer Friendly and his Wonder Dog Skip maintain order near the train station. LUND–The young man got in the big cop’s face and yelled, “Why are you protecting them?” The big cop stood, impassive in his riot gear, and replied calmly, “It’s my job. This is democracy.”A hundred meters away 50 or so of the […]