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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Imperial Troops Land in Skåne

MALMÖ–Sunday I went into Malmö with my friend Ali. It was a bright sunny day and there was a sci-fi convention in its final day. We met some other photographers there and wandered around taking some pics. It was rather staid compared to Marcon in Columbus, Ohio, which I had gone to with my friend […]

From the Big Snow

LUND–Spring keeps trying to arrive but the harsh and wintry Norse gods keep doing their best to strangle it in its flowery cradle. Or some damn thing like that… When I got back from the second snowiest and coldest winter on record in Ohio the chill came with me and for once the land I […]

Two Views of Lund

LUND–There are these trees in public places trimmed in such a way that, especially when winter-bare, remind me very much of ones found in a Dr. Seuss book.

From Late Last Summer in Malmö

And Another Article On Simon (of which he was not involved)

LUND–The unfortunate thing about this article, I found out after talking to Simon, is that the writer never spoke to him. It is, in fact, a re-write of the Wired article. Of course I should have known this as Simon would never say, “Please pirate my documentary… I beg you.” A line which, if you […]

Simon Klose (and my photo of him) in "Wired" magazine

LUND–Lena’s talented cousin Simon Klose is a filmmaker based out of nearby Malmö. He has, for some time, been making a documentary about the Pirate Bay owners (who are Swedes) and was recently in Stockholm to film their trial which may have far-reaching implications for the future of Internet file sharing and the definitions of […]

Spring Wind

LUND–A strong wind blew yesterday, shaking tree limbs, rattling signs, tearing dead leaves from their hold and sending them swirling along in rattling brown clouds. The sun shown and the wind, though hard, felt friendly, necessary, like it was blowing winter from Norden. In the grass, amongst the still bare trees, nature’s first signs had […]

Leica Photo Contest

LUND–The Leica photo contest rules are deceptively simple. Eight to 12 photos in a photo essay, on the rather up-to-interpretation theme of “Man in relation to his environment” at least one of which needs to have been taken in the last year. Well, for me, that left out all my Central America stuff so entered […]

Transcarpathian Home for Disabled Children

LUND–Jennifer Lawrence, a nurse from Ohio whom I met on the SARA trip to Ukraine last summer, just sent me several CDs of her photos from the trip. This is one she took of me at work while visiting a home for mentally disabled children in the Carpathian mountains. The other is, more or less […]

Two Photos of Lena