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Monthly Archives: June 2009


WOOSTER–I pulled up at the Woodland house and my mother was running the lawn-mower up the stupid slope on the front that ought to be just plants on a very hot and humid Midwestern day. I parked and took the lawnmower away from her and finished the mowing. I needed a few things at WalMart […]

Winery Job Application

WOOSTER–My friend Jake told me about this job as Wine Country Correspondent right when I got back to the US. The major part of the application was to shoot and submit a one-minute video explaining why you should have the job. Here is mine. Please give it a view and send a vote for me […]

The Civil War

WOOSTER–Though it is, at times, difficult to lead a peripatetic lifestyle, and I miss a certain Swede, it is also good to move and change and to be back in the United States. I have missed my family and friends and in more intangible ways I have missed America. It isn’t the small things, those […]