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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Leaving Tarapoto

21 November 2010 PEDRO RUIZ—We had hoped to be in the mountain city of Chachapoyas this evening but it was not to be. Despite the late night in Tarapoto we got up early, paid our bill and got a moto-taxi to the bus station before 0900. Unfortunately the bus for Pedro Ruiz—a way-station town where […]

Tarapoto: on the Edge of the Amazon

19 February 2010 TARAPOTO—The screen on the back of the shows a plane tracing a line, shows our progress from Lima towards the Amazonian city of Tarapoto. It is, necessarily, much more modern and less Romantic than a DC3 or a Fokker Tri-Motor but doesn’t change the essential fact that we are flying over the […]

Photos of Tarapoto

Andrew & Kristina Tonn in Lima, Peru

18 November 2010, 14.50 hrs. LIMA—We walked off the busy, downtown Lima square into the quiet marble lobby of the Grand Hotel Bolivar on the Plaza San Martin and found the bar. The professional, black bow-tied bartender began building us two Pisco Sours and we relaxed after a long night and day of travel and […]

Peruvian Honeymoon

17 November 2010, 11.36 hrs. TORONTO—We looked around the living room, checked the stove, decided on a light to leave burning.  I wondered if I, would be back as I always do in my morbid way, but this was the first time I was leaving for the airport with a wife and leaving behind a […]

Cameras For Peru

COLUMBUS–I wonder when the sad day will be when I decide not to take a film camera. Happily, that day has not yet come. While trying to decide what equipment to take I was deeply conflicted. My primary camera is the outstanding Nikon D3 but the D3 has some serious drawbacks for traveling. First and […]

Points South, Far South

COLUMBUS–I think we decided that Peru was our first destination as a couple (other than Chanute, Kansas to visit the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum) even before we got engaged. Kristina had been saving frequent flyer miles since she was in college and figured we had almost enough for South America. We had talked, […]