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Photos of Chachapoyas

21 November 2010

CHACHAPOYAS–We arrived in Chachapoyas and tried several hotels before we found a free room. When we rounded a corner and entered the main square we found out why. Chachapoyas, with a population of a little over 20,000, is the capitol of the Amazones region and the day we arrived the city was full of groups there to celebrate the founding of the city as the regional capitol. We finally found a room at the Hotel Casa Vieja and it was, perhaps, the nicest room we had the entire trip, a beautifully decorated, cozy refuge opening onto a flower-filled courtyard. The only problem was that there was only space for us that one night and we would have to leave the next day.

But we were grateful to have a place to stay and we went out into Chachapoyas. Kristina found the offices of the Tourism Explorer, right on the square, and we booked the first of a number of trips beginning the next morning. Then we decided to get some Chinese food, or Chifa, to relieve the diet of grilled meat, rice and beans. I won’t go into the meal other than to say we got Chifa’d. It is entirely possible that the Chifa is better in Lima and that we made a tactical error in getting Peruvian-Chinese food way up in the Andes Mountains in the Amazones Region, but it was not only pretty awful but we both felt ill afterwards and ended up spending the rest of the day in our comfy room at the Casa Vieja watching movies on cable TV dubbed into Spanish, most enjoyably, “Indiana Jones y El Templo de la Perdicion.” And never again did we dare Chifa.

A group celebrating the founding of Chachapoyas as the regional capitol of the Amazones region.

Groups preparing for the parade to celebrate the founding of the city as the regional capitol.

Celebration on the Plaza del Armas of Chachapoyas, Amazones.

A street near the center of Chachapoyas.

Where we were Chifa'd. In retrospect the sign doesn't exactly inspire culinary confidence...!

Night view of the Chachapoyas cathedral.

Chachapoyans walking in the evening on a major pedestrian street.

Sunset over the Plaza del Armas in Chachapoyas, Amazones, Peru.

Sunset over the Plaza del Armas and the Cathedral of Chachapoyas.

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