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Going Home

EL PASO — My last night in El Paso. A dog barks forlornly, continuously, into the night. I am tempted to go outside and bark back, to let him know he is not alone. I hear the dog and the whispering howl of cars passing down Interstate 10. I am looking towards a white stucco wall, a gold curtain of synthetic silk and a mirror that reflects back my own image. I am facing south, towards Mexico. I could put my boots on and walk there in 20 minutes, find a bus, continue south. Go down through the deserts until I reached the forest, down through the forests until I reached the water, take a boat, another bus, keep going. I’ve gone that way enough. I crossed the southern border and back four more times, by car, by foot, walked the bridge, looked south into Mexico and north into Texas. I’ve gone that way enough. For now. Now I’m going home.

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