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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sun and Shadow

MUMBAI—Mumbai is all deep shadows and blinding sun. Even the old sections, while not so high as the sky-scraping new developments, are densely built cliffs lining narrow roads. Those roads are often planted with tall trees, so that as you traverse the city you move between dark shade pools, through shafts of shifting light into […]

Just a Little Farther

MUMBAI—We journeyed to Colaba today, old south Bombay with its Gateway to India, Taj Palace Hotel and other colonial era buildings. The outing was more expeditionary in nature than anything else, a learning experience in hailing local cabs and pushing the envelope of our tiny Indian bubble. It is too easy, in a place so […]


MUMBAI—The woman wore a blue and gold sari and walked with practiced grace through the crowded street. On her head she carried a translucent, cylindrical container. The hard, noontime sun illuminated the water inside, so that as she walked it appeared as if she had a corruscating pillar of light atop her head.

Out on the Street

MUMBAI—I ventured out on foot for the first time today. I put the boy in the backpack, filled a canteen, pulled on my cap and sunglasses and headed out with a somewhat hazy idea of how to find the nearby shopping center. The street leading to our apartment is lined with trees and fairly quiet, […]

Changes in Latitude

MUMBAI—I looked out a window of our apartment I had never looked out before. The orange ball of the sun, rippling at the edges, hung above a tiny section of the Indian Ocean, shining grey, visible through the forest of buildings. As I watched, it disappeared. There was none of the usual fading away. It […]

The First Day Ends

MUMBAI—The day is ending in Mumbai. Kristina stands on our balcony, looking out over the city, over a ruined old textile mill, tenement houses and high rises farther down the road. She is dark and light against the odd grey light of evening, wearing a long black dress, her shoulders bare and her red hair moving […]

We Finally Arrive

MUMBAI–JFK Airport and NYC seem ancient history, though we were there not 24 hours ago. With the usual difficulties, we got our bags checked and ourselves upon the airplane. Henry is working on his travel skills. Sitting still for long stretches does not come naturally to him. It does not come naturally to me either, […]

New York City