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Sun and Shadow

MUMBAI—Mumbai is all deep shadows and blinding sun. Even the old sections, while not so high as the sky-scraping new developments, are densely built cliffs lining narrow roads. Those roads are often planted with tall trees, so that as you traverse the city you move between dark shade pools, through shafts of shifting light into open areas of full sun. You are walking through a sort of urban mega-forest, full of unexpected structures, actual trees and rocks, antique canyons of colonial buildings, modern megaliths, labyrinthine warrens inhabited by humans, by beasts and machines. Like a rainforest, life exists on multiple layers, the floor, the mid levels, the various levels of canopy and on up to the rarified top levels. The city-forest floor seethes with life, everything vying for space, for food, for a place to sleep, people, cars, rickshaws, cattle, rats, crows, pigeons, more people and still more people and more people after them.IMGP0476IMGP0470

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