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We Finally Arrive

MUMBAI–JFK Airport and NYC seem ancient history, though we were there not 24 hours ago. With the usual difficulties, we got our bags checked and ourselves upon the airplane. Henry is working on his travel skills. Sitting still for long stretches does not come naturally to him. It does not come naturally to me either, but I am not two-years-old. He does, however, make friends wherever he goes: an Israeli grandfather, an Australian 5-year-old, a Japanese toddler, an Indian four-year-old. All became airport companions as we moved from New York to London to Mumbai. We all slept at different times, lulled by the soporific hum of the big jet engines, hissing air and dimmed cabin lights. Soon enough, after nearly a year of knowing this moment was to come, the wheels came down and our bird touched South Asian tarmac. It is 0300 here and we are wandering through our new apartment, thinking about how soon the sun will rise and knowing we must sleep.

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