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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Daybreak on the Other Side

MUMBAI—The day is breaking, all full of fog and blowing curtains of rain. There is the feeling of being on an alien planet, one much like our own but strange enough that you are always reminded how far you are from home. It is in the details of commonplace or ubiquitous things, details of things […]

Monsoon Five Scenes

The Colors of Water

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Five Scenes

Walking in the Monsoon

MUMBAI—I walked today. I left and turned right, made my way south and west, following my instincts and occasionally my compass. Two blocks from our apartment the hard rain began. It rained and it rained and there was nothing to do but be wet and try to not think about what might be in the […]

This Way and That

The Tyranny of Things

MUMBAI—Constant movement and travel put into perspective what one really needs. There is a tyranny of things, a very real truth to the old saying about things owning you, not you owning them. I like good things. I have long been very nearly obsessed with the art of packing and of acquiring the perfect (and […]

Two Views

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