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18 Days and a Wake-up

GUATEMALA CITY — It has been a busy year.  It has been a busy decade.  I look out the office window and I can see volcanoes not so far away.  I look back through my journal, very little of which is interesting to an outside reader.  There are few personal revelations, little in the way of dark secrets.  One could, however, determine that Andrew Tonn is a man who likes to make lists.  That and a guy who has completed quite a few tasks lately, at least judging by the number of lines that have been crossed out.

I look out the window at the volcanoes, look back at my journal.  18 days and a wake up and I will be flying south and east, away from the volcanoes and towards the islands.  In 18 days I will be leaving on a trip I have been planning since 2005.  18 years and a wake up.  I have been actively planning the trip for the last three years, never a day I haven’t imagined arriving on Utila in some manner and the weeks that will follow above and below the water. Now I have tickets, reservations, a down-payment put on my classes, my bag very nearly packed.  I’m just about ready to go.  All the other items on my calendar have been passed.  I finished the big logistical job I was hired to do, I finished the books I was working on, shot a photo essay of the Peace Corps at work in Guatemala, got admitted to The Explorer’s Club, went diving in Lake Peten Itzá with my friend Diego, completed my Maritime Archeology Course up in Virginia with Daedalus Dive Group, made a documentary film with my friend Mark about an archeological dig in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, taught a photography class, and that’s just most of the big things.  I have been swimming laps and boxing with my coach and pretty much everything is crossed off the lists.  It is almost time to go.  18 days and a wake up.  

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