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Changes in Latitude, Attitude, and all the Rest

GUATEMALA CITY — In the days before a long adventure everything becomes a little more brightly colored, sharper edged, clearer.  There is heightened sense to everything, attention to the details of preparing yourself and your gear and completing the things that need to be done in your absence.

I pulled every piece of gear out of its bag and then replaced it, sorted the separate lists of gear one more time: 1.Dive Gear 2.Camera Gear 3.Toiletries 4.First Aid/Emergency 5. Clothing.  All the batteries for cameras, tablets, dive lights, and power banks charged.  Money in three currencies, software updated, list made of things to purchase upon arrival, drivers arranged to and from airports, hard copies made of tickets, dive insurance, medical forms.  I like this part.  It is what makes the rest of it possible.

Now it is time to stop.  My bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I have visualized all the steps between my front door and the dive school on the island.  All the ones that I can.  The rest is in the hands of God, luck, fate.  Now I can concentrate on my wife and family and getting in just a little better shape.  It is rainy season and the last week lived up to it.  Then Sunday broke bright and sunny.  My kickboxing coach came early and we drilled footwork and defense, parries, blocks, slips.  I had claimed the one large deck chair by the pool and after boxing I lay in the sun a while then swam a half mile.  I played Jimmy Buffet on my phone and dreamed of sailing again, cheeseburgers, margaritas, paradise, and piracy.

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