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There is no try.

MUMBAI—In the literature, those accounts of mostly British people who have passed through here, Bombay is a way point. It is a place you pass through on your way to somewhere else, a place you stop for official business, training, garrison duty, before marching off or setting sail for points beyond. Of course the 20 […]

Land of Water

MUMBAI—There is a liquid quality to Mumbai. Water is everywhere, omnipresent without being always visible. It is especially so now in the season of the monsoon, but even during the dry season there is a wetness and fluidity to the place. It is hard to catch your breath as it feels like half the air […]

On The Streets of Mumbai

Daybreak on the Other Side

MUMBAI—The day is breaking, all full of fog and blowing curtains of rain. There is the feeling of being on an alien planet, one much like our own but strange enough that you are always reminded how far you are from home. It is in the details of commonplace or ubiquitous things, details of things […]

Five Scenes