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The Long Central American Goodbye Part II: Bienvenido a Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY — There may be no place in the world more familiar to me than where I am now, here, back in Central America.  At this point I have lived abroad longer than in my hometown (at least in recent years) and anyway, my hometown isn’t my hometown. I first came to Central America, […]


EL PASO — The border is a fact of life here. There is no politics in that statement, no right or wrong. Whether you think the border should be torn down entirely or made an impenetrable wall, it exists here in El Paso in a way I have seen nowhere else. Years ago, when I […]

Portraits of Grace, House of Hope

To see a digital preview and to buy the book Portraits of Grace, House of Hope, click on this link: ARLINGTON–I first saw Casa Esperanza in the fall of 2006. I spent no more than an hour there, on my way to somewhere else, but it remained etched in my memory. My thoughts would […]

The Long Central American Goodbye: Talk from the McConnell Art Center

Almost from the beginning of my forays into Central America I conceived of them as being part of one long, extended journey. If I look back at the long (and growing) procession of identical black journals that hold my notes, lists, thoughts, and dreams I can see, nearly 15 years ago, the plan laid out […]

The Big Show

  COLUMBUS–I headed west. It was not heading west in the way that that resonates in my mind. Not back to the southwestern deserts of my coming of age and the places and people that helped set my path southward through Mexico and Central America. I headed west to Ohio. Suddenly our new home was […]

The Riches of Central America: The People, Customs and Culture

An exhibit nearly 15 years in the making will open June 5th at the McConnell Arts Center of Worthington (MAC). The photos in this show will include images from my very first trip to Honduras in 2000 to some never-before-seen images from my last assignment in Guatemala and El Salvador not quite two months ago. The […]

Una broma de Piratas

PANAJACHEL– El bartender estaba limpiando su bar, cuando escucho unos pasos. El levantando la vista veía entrando un pirata. Entonces, el pirata le hablaba diciendo dame un ron. El tienen aspecto muy bravo y muy falo pero despues de dos copas de ron, el pirata ya se encontraba tranquilo. Entonces el bartender le pregunta, “Si […]

Fey y Esperanza: A Former Refugee Camp Named Faith and Hope

SAN SALVADOR—We are in the hills just outside the chaotic urban sprawl at a former refugee camp where once bombs fell and Devora Rivas huddled inside the wire with hundreds of other women and children, not daring to go out and hoping the Army chose not to come in.  It is quiet except for the […]

The Val De Marne Clinic

EL ESPINO—The people come in from the hills, from miles down the coast, to see the doctor at the Val de Marne clinic. They line up, sitting in flimsy white plastic chairs in the blue-painted breezeway with their cuts and sicknesses, their ailing children. Dr. Ernesto Quinteros sees them one by one, taking their vitals, […]

Sunrise on a Jungle River

EL ESPINO–It was still midnight dark when I woke. I checked my watch, 0500, plenty of time until I had arranged to meet Francisco. I showered and dressed, checked my cameras and slipped into the courtyard of Hotel Delfin Dorado, The Golden Dolphin. The watchman heard my door close and woke from his hammock. I […]