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I Married Adventure

COLUMBUS—Martin and Osa Johnson were like rockstars in their day. But they were something far better than rockstars. They were all of our favorite things: explorers, adventurers, photographers, writers and filmmakers. They were also passionate conservationists and one of the early 20th century’s great love stories. Between them they wrote at least 20 books, took […]

“Winning the Martin and Osa Johnson Animal Photography Contest and a Second Safari to Chanute” or “Famous in Chanute…”

COLUMBUS–Years ago I read explorer and photographer Martin Johnson’s book “Cannibal Land” and his wife, explorer and photographer Osa Johnson’s memoir “I Married Adventure”. A number of years ago, while living in Sweden, I Googled the pair and discovered the existence of The Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum in Osa’s hometown of Chanute, Kansas. […]