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Video Interview on The Faces of Transcarpathia

This LINK will take you to the video produced by the Martin de Porres Center about the Faces of Transcarpathia exhibit.

Faces of Transcarpathia Write up on “La Vida Leica”

La Vida Leica is one of the premier sites dealing with all manner of things involving the German cameras. The entire photo essay The Faces of Transcarpathia was shot with a Leica M6ttl and La Vida Leica picked up on this from the Columbus Dispatch article. Follow this LINK to see the website!

“The Faces of Transcarpathia” Exhibit at the Martin de Porres Center

The Faces of Transcarpathia: First Slide Show Movie

LUND–I have been working on the photos. This is the first usage of the photos and sound. All of these photos are (pretty poor) commercial scans of photos taken with a Leica M6ttl and a 50mm Summicron lens. The sound I recorded with my Røde NTG2 shotgun mike on the Panasonic DVC60 at an elder’s […]